Skull:z: & Idols
by Oliver Wetter

by Oliver Wetter


About Me

Oliver Wetter is a varied artist and lives his passion as a freelance illustrator. He is published in Magazines like ImagineFX, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Heavy Metal Magazine and annual art books such as Ballistic´s Exposé and Exotique.

About This Project:

The series is a long-term tribute, an approach to combine caricature, fan art, graphic design and pop art at the same time. This is what Iconography means to me and stands for on the cover of this book. I won´t recreate what has been done 1000 times before, but give my ideas room for expression.

About the book:

This book will be constantly updated. That´s what makes this book special. The idea of publishing additional works with each new
edition, was the reason to go the book-on-demand-route.

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